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21 mi Kannapolis Bass player/Bassist introducing   Christian  Gospel  House 
in 0 band   Christian Musicians available, Excited to see what God is doing in the lives of people.
0 mi Charlotte Rapper introducing   African  World music  Rap/Hip hop/RnB 
in 0 band   Musicians, I'm an artist from Congo and I want to make impact on music world wide by introducing a new genre of music positive energy
16 mi Cornelius Rapper introducing   Rap/Hip hop/RnB  Pop  R'Roll 
in 0 band   Rap/hip hop/rnb Musicians Cornelius, Anything, basically. Very skilled when it comes to every time of wordplay.
48 mi Stony Point Drummer introducing   Blues/Swing  Heavy metal  Rock 
in 0 band   Blues swing Musicians Stony Point classified, Currently playing fourteen piece e-drum kit, Love classic rock, blues .
24 mi Bessemer City Drummer introducing   Gospel  Christian   
in 0 band   Bessemer City Musicians available, Drummer with over 20 years of experience. Enjoy playing Christian/gospel music.
26 mi Rock Hill Keyboard player/Keyboardist introducing   Christian  Gospel  Spiritual music 
in 0 band   Rock Hill Musicians, Want to build a big sound with dedicated people who love God and want to be a part of something very big. Have Recording equipment and many original songs ready to produce.
11 mi Huntersville Bass player/Bassist introducing   Christian  Funk  Oldies 
in 0 band   Musicians, Excellent chart/notation reader. Dedicated and mature. Love to lock in with solid groove.
0 mi Charlotte Drummer introducing   Rock  Blues/Swing  Country 
in 0 band   Ad Musicians Charlotte, Seasoned rock/blues/alt country drummer, drug free with good work ethic. Available for paying gigs and/or original projects and/or recording work.
48 mi Mocksville Arranger introducing   Gospel  Christian  Experimental 
in 0 band   Musicians Mocksville ads, (interest in band: No) Let us write and play some great songs together. Would like to be creative and different little bit of old with a little bit of new style.
31 mi Marshville Bass player/Bassist introducing   Christian  Spiritual music  Rock 
in 0 band   Bassist, Music should be seriously fun if everyone shares skill levels, enthusiasm and availability.
0 mi Charlotte Guitarist/Guitar player introducing   Rock  Jazz  Fusion 
in 0 band   Musicians available Charlotte, Have been playing for about 4 years so far. I enjoy all music but prefer to play old rock.
20 mi Gastonia Drummer introducing   Jazz  Funk  Fusion 
in 0 band   Gastonia jazz Musicians, ready to play, Z Custom Dark K's, Fusion Kit, Electronic Trigger set, influences; Garibaldi, Keltner, Chambers, DeJohnette, Gadd, studio recording artist, vocals
0 mi Charlotte Lyricist introducing   Rock  Country  Indie/Alternative 
in 0 band   Musicians, At a loss for the music I crave, I fear I'm a lyrical slave. The meter and rhyme keeping verses in time to the noteless emotions I save. I feel sound to surround me in waves.
0 mi Charlotte Lyricist introducing   Soul  Jazz  Rap/Hip hop/RnB 
in 0 band   Ad Musicians Charlotte, I just love to sing and write. My dream is to meet people that enjoy the same things that I do. Creating and being creative is really the goal for me.
0 mi Charlotte Guitarist/Guitar player introducing   Gospel     
in 0 band   Guitar Charlotte, Gospel Guitarist in Charlotte area want to network with other gospel musicians in area
0 mi Charlotte Guitarist/Guitar player is looking for Bass player/Bassist  Gospel  Christian   
in 0 band   Musicians wants bass Charlotte, Hi looking for bass player that is well versed in Contemporary Christian and Black Gospel genres
22 mi Waxhaw Keyboard player/Keyboardist introducing   Rock  Funk  Heavy metal 
in 0 band   Rock keyboard available, (interest in band: No) Pro Keyboardist with over 30 years experience. Influences and style are similar to Journey, Toto, Styx, Kansas, Boston, etc.
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"...I met Benji at Jazz Summer School and he was a delight to work with, always up for a good jam...." (Suzanne Nob..., NW6 Kilburn Park) "...Ive worked with Joe on a couple of occasions and hes a BRILLIANT jazz pianist and accompanist...." (Suzanne Nob..., NW6 Kilburn Park) "...Looking forward to possibly working with this singer..." (Matthew Bas..., NN16 Kettering) "...Excellent communication. Looking forward to communicating and possibly working with...." (Matthew Bas..., NN16 Kettering) "...Cynthia has been great to deal with!..." (Mike Dav..., EH9 Edinburgh) "...Excellent guitar playing and songwriting ..." (chris Byr..., UB8 Cowley) "...Strong drummer and really nice guy to boot...." (Mike Dav..., EH9 Edinburgh) "...Great lady with tonnes of energy and lots of fun. Rocking voice!..." (Mike Dav..., EH9 Edinburgh) "...Very good musician - Recommended..." (Peter She..., B1 Birmingham) "...Excellent young guy and guitar player...." (Peter She..., B1 Birmingham)