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29 mi Plainfield Singer/Vocalist introducing   Rock  Heavy metal  Funk  0 in 0 band     Plainfield rock singer Rock/Metal vocalist in Plainfield, Illinois area. Currently the singer for Big Happy Face. Recently moved to Plainfield, a local project is what I desire. band experience: 15 y. stage experience: 15 y.
17 mi Oswego Singer/Vocalist introducing   Experimental      0 in 1 band     Singer get music out to world, been making music for 3 years and has experience recording and producing band experience: 2 y.  choir experience: 5 y.,
29 mi Plainfield Singer/Vocalist introducing   Indie/Alternative  Rock  Psychedelic  0 in 0 band     Singer available Music is my life and I'd like to be part of something I can vibe with. Also don't post on social media, so I'm down for Meeting up/ Skype stage experience: 5 y.  choir experience: 5 y.,
29 mi Plainfield Singer/Vocalist introducing   Pop  Rock  Punk  0 in 0 band   Vocalist i want to be famous and have a really fantastic glife with lots and lots of money and fun.
29 mi Plainfield Singer/Vocalist introducing   Blues/Swing  Rock  Heavy metal  0 in 1 band   BLUES/SWING SINGER PLAINFIELD play out once in a while and play a blues/rock/metal fusion. Been playing half my life. Not an ego maniac. very fun to work with. band experience: 7 y. stage experience: 5 y.
24 mi Coal City Singer/Vocalist introducing   Rock      0 in 0 band   Singer available Coal City , Amateur singer that likes to sing 80's-90's Rock. Energetic and not afraid to be in front of people. Have sang alot of Karaoke. band experience: 1 y. stage experience: 1 y.
24 mi Coal City Singer/Vocalist is looking for Drummer  Rock      0 in 0 band   Want drummer Coal City , singer looking for a drummer to jam with. 80's- 90's Rock. band experience: 1 y. stage experience: 1 y.
29 mi Naperville Singer/Vocalist introducing   Christian      0 in 0 band   Christian singer available Naperville I sing at church - that is all I want to do. I signed up for this service is hopes that a church could secure someone to lead services
13 mi Sandwich Singer/Vocalist introducing   Rock  Heavy metal  Indie/Alternative  0 in 0 band   Sandwich vocalist available frontman/singer alternative/rock/pop professional with 10 years up front reliable and in early 40's
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