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PDP Concept used
PDP X7 used

PDP MP5 used   Not for sale
2 SD, 6 Toms, 1 BD, 2 HH, Percussions, 6 Cym
Ich sitze seit meinem siebten Lebensjahr am Schlagzeug und m...

Sankt Augustin
Photo rights holder: ID 725052
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PDP Gigset used   Not for sale
Mein kleines Set
Semiprofessioneller Schlagzeuger auf dem Weg zu neuen Heraus...

Photo rights holder: ID 336184
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PDP Platinum Series used   Not for sale
Une batterie 3 futs avec 4 cymbales
Je joue depuis 20 ans, des expériences de scène, de studio e...

Photo rights holder: ID 694244
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PDP BX und Raker/Lightning used   Not for sale
druckvoll und durchsetzungsstark
bin eigentlich Clickfest (manchmal geht es halt mit mir durc...

Photo rights holder: ID 655649
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Pdp Red Wine drum set used   Not for sale
Average drum kit . not a complex setup
Its a blessing to be a blessing. Playing the drums is someth...

Photo rights holder: ID 671840
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PDP 8 piece Double Drive kit. used   (Value: 2200 $) Not for sale
Fitted with Zildjian Avedis, and Mienl accents, and much more
I'm an rock/metal drummer for 10 yrs. aiming to jam, and see...

Fort Worth
Photo rights holder: ID 332635
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PDP 7-Piece used   (Value: 2500 $) Not for sale
Bright White
Have been a drummer for a long time. Expect to be doing it ...

North Port
Photo rights holder: ID 489983
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Pdp LXE Exotic Finish used   (Value: 3000 $) Not for sale
7 piece kit with all pro accessories
I am a professional drummer who has excellent timing and a h...

Photo rights holder: ID 629079
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PDP 5 piece drum kit used   Not for sale
I have a full drum kit available.
I am currently a student in the Community College of Philade...

Photo rights holder: ID 600491
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