Topic:  Membership
01.   Where do I find further information on official membership?
02.   Where do I find the current status of my official membership?
03.   I have paid, why doesn't it work? (1)
04.   I have paid, why doesn't it work? (2)

Topic:  Band registration
05.   How can I confirm that I am a member of my band?
06.   Where can I find information about the band status?
07.   I accidentally denied being a member of my band. What do I do now?

Topic:  Telephone number
08.   The validation of my mobil-number failed!
09.   My mobile phone number is used by another account!

Topic:  User account deactivation/deletion/termination
10.   My user account has been blocked. What can I do about this?
11.   My Account has been disabled due to a double registration. What can I do against it?
12.   My account has been terminated. Which approach is now required?
13.   How do I delete my account?
14.   I want to cancel my official membership!
15.   Where can i find information about the compensation regulation

Topic:  Other topics
16.   How can I edit my account data?
17.   How do I edit/delete my entries?
18.   Where can I find examples of how to create correct entries?
19.   I can't remember my username/password. How can I request my login data?
20.   I do not want system-emails/emails!
21.   Where can I find general information on red cards?
22.   Why is the link to my homepage not displayed?
24.   How do I increase my opportunites of contacts?
25.   Where do I find information on the PRO status?
26.   Where do I find information on the GIG status?
27.   Where can I find my bills?
28.   How does the entry rating system work?
29.   Where can I find information about special offers?
30.   I want to evaluate a musician!
31.   Where do I make a written support request? (Online-Support)
32.   My postal inquiry has not been treated!
33.   My question is not listed here!