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Rickenbacker 330 used
Rickenbacker 4001 used
Rickenbacker 4003 used

Rickenbacker BW 4001 used    Not for sale
4-saitiger E-Bass
Musik als Hobby - nicht professionell aber mit gutem Groove,...
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Photo rights holder: ID 12323

Rickenbacker Six-string used    Not for sale
Fireglo w/whammy bar
Vast repertoire encompassing fifties/sixties rock, rockabill...
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Photo rights holder: ID 12086

Rickenbacker Modell 360/12 used    Not for sale
Eierschneider - ich liebe sie trotzdem
Habe Interesse vor allem an Brit-Pop, Rock, Indie, Alternati...
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Photo rights holder: ID 16332

Rickenbacker 325 Capri Miami used    Not for sale
John Lennon's Florida Guitar
Ich liebe Beatles und gern R'Roll/Rocabilly/Blues....
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Photo rights holder: ID 13625

Rickenbacker 650 Sierra LH used    Not for sale
Linkshandige el. gitaar walnoten body, maple toets humbuckers
speel een aardig eindje gitaar. repertoire: Beatles en verde...
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Photo rights holder: ID 10944

Rickenbacker Jetglo used    Not for sale
4003 Black
Ich spiele ca.10 Jahre den Bass, Rock und Oldies aber auch N...
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Photo rights holder: ID 18314

Rickenbacker 370 6 string used    Not for sale
Mapleglo 3 toaster PU's
Lets play! I own pro gear and transport.Sense of humour, but...
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Photo rights holder: ID 5595

Rickenbacker Type 4001 used    Not for sale
Finition nature, mais, qu'importe!?
Expérience en projets assez variés, souvent atypiques, et en...
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Perros Guirec
Photo rights holder: ID 15798

Rickenbacker Three sixty used  (Value: 2500 $)  Not for sale
Electric semi-acoustic guitar
Anything that falls under Rock... lo-fi, garage, anything ha...
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Los Angeles
Photo rights holder: ID 19407

Rickenbacker 230 Glenn Frey used  (Value: 600 $)  Not for sale
guitare assez polyvalente
je n'ai pas un style arrêté. J'aime les montées lourdes comm...
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Riec Sur Belon
Photo rights holder: ID 13794

Rickenbacker US - 4003 used    Not for sale
Mapple uitvoering
Mijn muziekstijl is breed van tremonti tot slayer. Zelf spee...
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Photo rights holder: ID 12825

Rickenbacker 1200 used    Not for sale
Der Klassiker Bass
Postpunk mit deutschen Texten; Ich spiele Bass und singe; Ak...
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Photo rights holder: ID 5098