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Schecter Damien used
Schecter Damien Elite used
Schecter Demon used
Schecter Diamond used
Schecter Diamond Series used
Schecter Hellraiser used
Schecter Hellraiser C-1 used
Schecter Hellraiser C1 used
Schecter Omen used
Schecter Synyster used
Schecter Synyster Gates used
Schecter Synyster Gates Custom used

Schecter Custom 5 used    Not for sale
5 string bass with EMG HZ pups
Been playing music since the mid 90's. I am very proficient ...
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Photo rights holder: ID 6714

Schecter C-1 SheDevil used    Not for sale
Bühnentaugliches Equipment vorhanden, 6/7 Saiter, experiment...
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Photo rights holder: ID 25741

Schecter Devil FR used    Not for sale
Erfahrener Sänger: Pop, Rock, Funk... offen für vieles!...
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Photo rights holder: ID 3674

Schecter Black ATX Solo-6 Schecter Black ATX Solo-6 used    Not for sale
Single-cut model med Seymour Duncan blackouts
Jeg har spillet guitar siden jeg var 14 og jeg har spillet e...
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Photo rights holder: ID 23596

Schecter Diamond used    Not for sale
basse 4 cordes
Je débute à la basse, je joue depuis quelques mois, j'aime t...
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St etienne
Photo rights holder: ID 5451

Schecter Stilletto Custom 5 used    Not for sale
Natural and a looker.
Play bass, currently playing many styles from swing to today...
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East Harling
Photo rights holder: ID 12709

Schecter Solo-II used    Not for sale
Main Gitarre
Ich besitze jahrelange Erfahrung als Gitarrist. Musikrichtun...
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Photo rights holder: ID 24086

Schecter Blackjack used    Not for sale
Von Amorphis , Metallica , Sepultura , Carcass , Bolt Throwe...
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Photo rights holder: ID 13202

Schecter Stargazer used    Not for sale
Best of Ric/MM/Jazz all wrapped into one istrument
80's and Celtic music first love. Can also Celtic Also play ...
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Photo rights holder: ID 21142

Schecter C-8 used    Not for sale
8-Saiter Gitarre für tiefe, böse Klänge
Ich habe und spiele alles selbst und produziere meine eigene...
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Photo rights holder: ID 24642

Schecter Loomis fr7 Schecter Loomis fr7 used  (Value: 600 $)  Not for sale
guitare 7 cordes
Guitariste avec un niveau correct et de multiples influences...
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Marseille 12
Photo rights holder: ID 22907

Schecter Blackjack ATX used    Not for sale
Matt schwarz, 2 Humbucker
Bin praktisch für alles offen, Top 40, Hard Rock, Partyhits ...
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Photo rights holder: ID 14503

Schecter C-12 Elite used  (Value: 1300 $)  Not for sale
Beautiful single neck, 12 string. Cherry tiger maple finish with Duncan humbuckers!
I'm an rock/metal drummer for 10 yrs. aiming to jam, and see...
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Fort Worth
Photo rights holder: ID 1859

Schecter C-6 Elite used  (Value: 1000 $)  Not for sale
Amber tiger maple body, pearl abalone in lay. push/pull effects, and Duncan humbuckers
I'm an rock/metal drummer for 10 yrs. aiming to jam, and see...
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Fort Worth
Photo rights holder: ID 1860

Schecter Superstrat saturn California used    Not for sale
No comment
Guitare folk et électrique, lead voc, harm chromatique. Rock...
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Photo rights holder: ID 16595

Schecter SGR c-1 used    Not for sale
6 string/ black. Schecter pick ups.
Oath To A King, Rhythm Guitarist buscando Lead Vocals (Metal...
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Photo rights holder: ID 19951

Schecter Sunset Deluxe Vibrato Black used  (Value: 300 $)  Not for sale
Guitare pour le metal
J'ai été derrière les fûts depuis douze ans, guitariste depu...
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Photo rights holder: ID 11903

Schecter Omega 6 used    Not for sale
Ich, 26, Gitarrist, möchte mich gerne mit Leuten zum musizie...
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Photo rights holder: ID 16430

Schecter Sgr C-1 used    Not for sale
zweiter Gitarrist
Kein Profi, aber auch kein Anfänger. Am liebsten Coversongs,...
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Mülheim an der Ruhr
Photo rights holder: ID 14214

Schecter Stiletto Studio 6 used    Not for sale
Basse 6 cordes
Bassiste de metal principalement. Maîtrises différentes tech...
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Photo rights holder: ID 14436

Schecter Stiletto Eight String used    Not for sale
Honey Satin-Eight String-Schecter-Stiletto
I have been playing approximately 41+Yrs. I play the four, e...
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West Columbia
Photo rights holder: ID 14139

Schecter JFR-7 used    Not for sale
Jeder braucht ne 7-Saiter
Hauptsache laut, melodisch und kein langweiliger -core....
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Photo rights holder: ID 2172

Schecter C-7 Blackjack used    Not for sale
Blackjack 7 string w/ Seymour Duncan passives
I'm a gear nerd and a metal nerd, but also open to just abou...
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Photo rights holder: ID 13733

Schecter Hellraizer D-Série C-7 BCH used    Not for sale
pratique, efficace et pas ch... En fait un peu, mais elle le vaut bien x)
Guitariste depuis une dizaines d'années, je suis principalem...
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St Die
Photo rights holder: ID 11395

Schecter Diamons Series used    Not for sale
Klinkt nice en crungie
Qua genres sta ik voor alles open. Maar als ik zou mogen kie...
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Assenede Oosteeklo
Photo rights holder: ID 852

Schecter Jerry Horton-Solo 6 used  (Value: 1200 $)  Not for sale
Spiele schon seit langem E-Gitarre, möchte mich noch weitere...
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Photo rights holder: ID 7700

Schecter Solo 7 used    Not for sale
7 Saitiges Monster, in edler Paula Optic
Ich Spiele seit 8 Jahren Gitarre. Da ich von unterschiedlich...
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Photo rights holder: ID 1972