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11 mi Tacoma Bass player/Bassist introducing   Heavy metal  Hardcore  Progressive 
in 0 band   Bass available I am a diverse progressive bass musician into bring the world of music something that hasn't been heard yet.
11 mi Tacoma Bass player/Bassist is looking for Band  Heavy metal  Progressive  Hardcore 
in 0 band   Tacoma bass wants band I would like to complete a band or start a band that wants to record albums and gig professionally. ebeen a bass musician since 1989.
19 mi Kent Bass player/Bassist introducing   Oldies  Rock  Blues/Swing 
in 0 band   Oldies bass player music player, pro equipment, have rehearsal studio, no attitude
19 mi Kent Bass player/Bassist is looking for Band  Rock  Oldies  Blues/Swing 
in 0 band   Band members wanted , Looking for local band for monthly gigs. I can rehearse weekend mornings, have rehearsal space, and complete studio.
8 mi Lakewood Bass player/Bassist introducing   Funk  Rock  Soul 
in 0 band   Funk bass player available Music Is My Passion, every simple note of a Melody is nothing but sweet music to my ear=)
0 mi Steilacoom Bass player/Bassist introducing   Progressive  Electronic  Rock 
in 0 band   Bass available , I play and write all kinds of music. Bass is my main instrument, but I create song with other instruments, and wind controller. I have been playing since 1968. I am also a vocalist
27 mi Olympia Bass player/Bassist introducing   Progressive     
in 0 band   Progressive bass player available Olympia , contact me to see what I am interested in. Not a pro player but able to make up as I go.
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       "...Excellent young guy and guitar player...." (Peter She..., B1 Birmingham)        "...Very positive at all times and always satisfacory..." (Eddie Bay..., IP14 Stowmarket)        "...Claudia has a passion for jazz and blues, a collaborative attitude and empathy. ..." (Paul Col..., N13 Palmers Green)        "...Excellent singer, very high standard. Reliable communicator...." (Simon All..., BD18 Shipley)        "...Siria is a nice Girl. I am hoping to work on some tracks in the very near future...." (Paul Cro..., EH7 Edinburgh)        "...Very clear & transparent musicians writeup, & all necessary details provided!..." (James Con..., LE19 Leicester)        "...Fantastic musician writeup! :)..." (James Con..., LE19 Leicester)        "...Talented oboe player and jazz composer..." (Eddie Bay..., IP14 Stowmarket)        "...great talent - look forward to communicating..." (Charles Alt..., 60035 Highland Park)        "...Looks and sound fabulous would like to contact..." (Charles Alt..., 60035 Highland Park)