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Reports/Musician-to-musician recommendations
Members of the central musicians' register often receive positive ratings from other members in the form of praise, or are recommended among themselves. All reports are verifiably documented!

   (¹ First names/surnames shortened for data protection reasons.)

Very communicative, and a reliable player was my impression. I will contact this member again. 
R. Perr***¹ ID-xx9504
A very positive and fast well thought out response! 
S. C***¹ ID-xx6422
Same Day prompt response to my contact 
P. Laws***¹ ID-xx8721
Keen to participate and be involved in a new venture. 
C. Chri***¹ ID-xx5202
Reliable and really committed! Top! 
s. harm***¹ ID-xx8950
Really nice contact, immediately responsive and committed! 
P. Schm***¹ ID-xx7130
The contact was made very quickly and was extremely friendly! Very good! 
s. harm***¹ ID-xx8950
Super nice guy, plays pretty well. 
S. Kräm***¹ ID-xx9908
Pleasant contact 
D. Nass***¹ ID-xx3435
Thank you for the joint rehearsal. The band looks forward to being with you! 
S. Beck***¹ ID-xx6539
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