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0 mi Chicago Guitarist/Guitar player is looking for Drummer  Blues/Swing  Funk  Rock 
in 0 band     Want drummer Chicago Looking to form a working project. Writing, recording and live performance.
0 mi Chicago Singer/Vocalist is looking for Drummer  Indie/Alternative  Rap/Hip hop/RnB  Rock 
in 0 band     Seeking drummer (band now forming!) looking for a decent drummer who wants to get better in the while you and I play
1 mi Orland Park Guitarist/Guitar player is looking for Drummer  Oldies  R'Roll  Rock 
in 0 band     Guitar player looks for oldies drummer! (band now forming!) Interested in musicians who do lead and backup vocals.
26 mi Lockport Guitarist/Guitar player is looking for Drummer  Heavy metal    Experimental 
in 0 band   Guitar wants heavy metal drummer Lockport (band now forming!) Been playing guitar for 15 yrs and record in my mini home studio for the last 5 yrs. Enjoy all music, but mainly want to make interesting metal music with good riffs and textures.
1 mi Oak Park Singer/Vocalist is looking for Drummer  Indie/Alternative  Hardcore  Rock 
in 0 band   oak park needing drummer (band now forming!) Covers and original material as well. I can sing from a very high alto to a low soprano, and can really belt it
25 mi Highland Park Rehearsal Room is looking for Drummer  Rock  R'Roll   
in 0 band   In need of rock drummer We are a place that unites musicians. You can rent our rooms or meet other musicians in a social "jam" environment for your needs. We are looking for all kinds of musicians!
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