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0 mi New York Guitarist/Guitar Player is looking for Keyboard Player/Keyboardist  Rock  Progressive  Heavy metal  0 in 0 band     Seek rock keyboardist New York Hard Riff-Driven Rock With a Progressive Edge! Let's gig and record! Professional Guitar Player - Tons of Demos and Ideas band experience: 3 y. stage experience: 3 y.
10 mi Brooklyn Drummer is looking for Keyboard Player/Keyboardist  Heavy metal  Jazz  Hardcore  0 in 0 band     Keyboard player wanted If interested, let me know! I am currently in the Brooklyn area, and I'm very interested in putting together an aggressive, political project rooted in death metal, hardcore, etc. band experience: 22 y. stage experience: 8 y.
7 mi Brooklyn Guitarist/Guitar Player is looking for Keyboard Player/Keyboardist  Electronic  Indie/Alternative  Fusion  0 in 0 band     Brooklyn guitarist wants keyboard Looking for versatile, amateur keyboard player (reggae, trip hop, alternative) for co-writing original material. Multi-instrumentalists a plus. band experience: 1 y. stage experience: 1 y.
17 mi Franklin Square Singer/Vocalist is looking for Keyboard Player/Keyboardist  Christian  Pop  Reggae  0 in 0 band     Classified Franklin Square singer looks for keyboardist! interest in band: No band now forming! For Professional gigs in various styles: Christian/R&B/Pop/Rock/Reggae band experience: 4 y. stage experience: 22 y.  choir experience: 10 y.,
7 mi Brooklyn Guitarist/Guitar Player is looking for Keyboard Player/Keyboardist  Reggae  Rock  World music  0 in 1 band   want keyboardist brooklyn , band now forming! I have played for fifteen years, and wrote two books and 100+ songs. band experience: 12 y. stage experience: 7 y. orchestra experience: 2 y.,
9 mi Brooklyn Singer/Vocalist is looking for Keyboard Player/Keyboardist  Electronic  Gothic  Indie/Alternative  0 in 0 band   Electronic singer looking for keyboard player Brooklyn! decent and can play an synthesizer. someone into electro synthpunk music
0 mi New York Singer/Vocalist is looking for Keyboard Player/Keyboardist  Pop  Rap/Hip hop/RnB  Pop  0 in 0 band   Singer wants keyboard player New York I've been performing and writing since I was a kid. The guy that is producing me claims my style is (Fall Out Boy meets Ne-Yo)...I believe it is Urban. band experience: 2 y. stage experience: 13 y.  choir experience: 4 y.,
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