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0 mi Columbus Guitarist/Guitar Player introducing   Heavy metal  Rock   
in 0 band     Guitar player Columbus Not interested in any screaming, growling death metal just true heavy metal ANTHRAX, MEGADETH, SEVENDUST ETC..
0 mi Columbus Singer/Vocalist introducing   Heavy metal  Rock  Gothic 
in 0 band     Heavy metal Musicians Columbus I am a female vocalist with a wide range of voice. Classically trained, and stylistically adjusted. Melodic sound quality with power/harshness when needed.
0 mi Columbus Piano Player/Pianist introducing   Reggae  Rap/Hip hop/RnB  Spiritual music 
in 0 band   Columbus pianist Been playing for 6 years, play by ear but eager to learn as much as possible and to share the same passion with others
0 mi Columbus Singer/Vocalist introducing   Folk     
in 0 band   Columbus Musicians Why do I have to type so much here, it honestly doesnt make any sense.
0 mi Columbus Guitarist/Guitar Player introducing   Blues/Swing  Rock  Folk 
in 0 band   Guitar player I am a dedicated artist and am ready to produce album
0 mi Columbus Bass Player/Bassist introducing   Rock  Country  Jazz 
in 0 band   Bass available Experienced Bass Player on the Upright, acoustic and electric bass. I can play 4 and 5 string fretted and fretless. I hold a B.A. in Music and am willing to tour.
0 mi Columbus Singer/Vocalist introducing   Soul  Rock  Indie/Alternative 
in 0 band   Columbus soul vocalist I've been involved in music for the last 10 yrs in one way or another. Has sung thrash metal. Can sing led zeppelin/iron maiden style. .
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