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42 mi Ellaville Bass player/Bassist introducing   Gospel  Christian  Soul 
in 0 band   Gospel bassist available!, I play in a contemporary worship at the moment. I’m hoping to do more with my music!
38 mi Lagrange Lyricist introducing   Pop  Rock  Christian 
in 0 band   Pop Musicians, I am a lyricist who writes all genres of music! I love working with other artists from around the world!
55 mi Grantville Singer/Vocalist introducing   Folk  Indie/Alternative  Blues/Swing 
in 0 band   Grantville Musicians, Singer from Georgia. I love to sing many different genres, and I'm constantly expanding that list.
0 mi Columbus Guitarist/Guitar player introducing   Heavy metal  Rock   
in 0 band   Guitar player Columbus, Not interested in any screaming, growling death metal just true heavy metal ANTHRAX, MEGADETH, SEVENDUST ETC..
6 mi Fortson Singer/Vocalist introducing   A capella  Classical  Oldies 
in 0 band   Musicians available, (interest in band: No) I would like to assist with backup vocals, as well as, sing some cover songs. Open to learning new music and experiencing opportunities.
17 mi Hamilton Guitarist/Guitar player introducing   Rock  Country  Indie/Alternative 
in 0 band   Hamilton rock guitar player, I mostly play acoustic rock now but open to just about anything as long as it sounds good
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"...I met Benji at Jazz Summer School and he was a delight to work with, always up for a good jam...." (Suzanne Nob..., NW6 Kilburn Park) "...Ive worked with Joe on a couple of occasions and hes a BRILLIANT jazz pianist and accompanist...." (Suzanne Nob..., NW6 Kilburn Park) "...Looking forward to possibly working with this singer..." (Matthew Bas..., NN16 Kettering) "...Excellent communication. Looking forward to communicating and possibly working with...." (Matthew Bas..., NN16 Kettering) "...A nice song with a nice feel and rhythm ..." (chris Byr..., UB8 Cowley) "...Cynthia has been great to deal with!..." (Mike Dav..., EH9 Edinburgh) "...Excellent guitar playing and songwriting ..." (chris Byr..., UB8 Cowley) "...Strong drummer and really nice guy to boot...." (Mike Dav..., EH9 Edinburgh) "...Great lady with tonnes of energy and lots of fun. Rocking voice!..." (Mike Dav..., EH9 Edinburgh) "...Very good musician - Recommended..." (Peter She..., B1 Birmingham)