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0 mi El Paso Songwriter/Composer introducing   Latin music  Gypsy  World music  3684f9
in 0 band   El Paso composer, Sharing your music creation To the world and learning from others .
0 mi El Paso Guitarist/Guitar player introducing   Rock  Classical  Punk 
in 0 band   Rock guitar, , (interest in band: No) Hi I'd like to start a sesh my name is jevan i am a guitar player let me know if you can jam, I want to start a beat and that's it I live in El Paso I have transpitation ok not far
0 mi El Paso Singer/Vocalist introducing   A capella     
in 0 band   Musicians available El Paso, , i like to sing , and i think i am good at it, i love karaokes, i love live music,
0 mi El Paso Singer/Vocalist introducing   A capella     
in 0 band   A capella Musicians available El Paso, my comment is really simple, interest in singing , and i dont know what else to say
0 mi El Paso Singer/Vocalist introducing   Pop  Jazz  Entertainment music 
in 0 band   Pop Musicians El Paso, smooth jazz and pop music singers to perform ocasionaly
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