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0 mi Jacksonville Guitarist/Guitar player introducing   Heavy metal  Rock  Blackmetal/Deathmetal 
in 0 band   Jacksonville guitar, (interest in band: No) I have been shredding a guitar for over 40 years!!! The notion of helping people compels me.
0 mi Jacksonville Singer/Vocalist introducing   Classical  Folk  Country 
in 0 band   Musicians, I like to just sing traditional country, classical and folk.. I am with children all day, it is a gift to try to sing with them..they are always good.
22 mi Ponte Vedra Beach Bass player/Bassist introducing   Jazz  Classical  Christian 
in 1 band   Bass Ponte Vedra Beach, Doublet bass, Fretted & Fretless Bass, male vocals ala Sinatra Bennett Buble.
15 mi Orange Park Music Producer introducing   Christian  Country  Rock 
in 0 band   Musicians available Orange Park, music producer, multi instrumentalist for demo work and/or performance
0 mi Jacksonville Lyricist introducing   Christian  Country  Pop 
in 0 band   Christian Musicians, Can write lyrics to existing music Secondary: songwriting & composing 10 yrs songwriting/lyricist Lyracist for church Album
53 mi Pomona Park Drummer introducing   Christian  Entertainment music  Pop 
in 0 band   Christian Musicians Pomona Park, Wanting to be apart of something big. Dedicated to my craft and willing to work on whatever is given to me.
58 mi Palm Coast Singer/Vocalist introducing   Heavy metal  Rock  Indie/Alternative 
in 0 band   Musicians, I was in a couple small acts in my early 20's. It's been a little while but I've been singing regularly again and am & would love to play some rock music again
42 mi Saint Augustine Drummer introducing   R'Roll  Christian  Jazz 
in 0 band   R'roll Musicians available Saint Augustine, My name is Chris,and Play a Natural birch Master series Studio Kit (Pearl) with 42 years experience
0 mi Jacksonville Drummer introducing   Christian  Gospel  Blues/Swing 
in 0 band   Musicians, I am a gospel drummer mainly I been playing drums cents age 5 I also play old school blues old school Tim Tatian is Aretha Franklin outside of that just Gospel
0 mi Jacksonville Keyboard player/Keyboardist introducing   Progressive  Oldies  New Age 
in 0 band   Progressive keyboard Jacksonville, I play keyboards since age 7. I Love the 80's and compose music too. No rap, no metal
0 mi Jacksonville Singer/Vocalist introducing   Hardcore  Heavy metal  Rock 
in 0 band   Vocalist Jacksonville, Numerouhows under my belt. I want to do vocals for a heavier style. Use to sing and play the geet. Ask for recordings. Couldn't figure this site ou
0 mi Jacksonville Bass player/Bassist introducing   Jazz  Rock  Entertainment music 
in 0 band   Jazz bass Jacksonville, I am BBA accoutant that currently has lose my job, the bass always has been my passion that is what I am enjoy. I am able to play rock, salsa, jazz and whatever is music.
0 mi Jacksonville Singer/Vocalist introducing   Rock     
in 0 band   Rock Musicians available, I am a singer that is good at singing rock and other styles. I am very mobile and can travel all over the place
0 mi Jacksonville Singer/Vocalist is looking for Guitarist/Guitar player  Rock     
in 0 band   Want rock Musicians Jacksonville, i am a singer with fair amount of knowledge to be able to do whatever it takes to achieve my goals
0 mi Jacksonville Guitarist/Guitar player introducing   Country  Rock   
in 0 band   Country Musicians available, Southern Rock / Country smash mouth raw energy music!
0 mi Jacksonville Bass player/Bassist introducing   Country  Gospel  Folk 
in 0 band   Classifieds country bass Jacksonville, I'm an old piano player doing mostly bass these days. I play smooth jazz piano and country bass.
28 mi Saint Augustine Singer/Vocalist introducing   Blues/Swing  Jazz  Entertainment music 
in 0 band   Blues swing Musicians Saint Augustine, Female Jazz and Blues Vocalist committed to work. Flexibility is important!
15 mi Orange Park Singer/Vocalist introducing   Indie/Alternative  Rap/Hip hop/RnB  Rock 
in 0 band   Orange Park Musicians available, I've been singing for 4 years, I am an amateur vocalist, still an active student of vocal training. I like putting rock/hip hop together
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