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Reports/recommendations from customers
if you are a customer with a success story to report, please tell us about it. All reports are verifiably documented!

   (¹ First names/surnames shortened for data protection reasons.)

"...Check out this great site I found. Find local musicians of all types and connect to make amazing music. - It's free to sign up !..."
B. Higg***¹   ID-xx9330
"...the ultimate page for musicians..."
R. Nass***¹   ID-xx9287
"...reputable and professional site for musicians..."
C. Müll***¹   ID-xx3823
"...thanks for your homepage, thanks to you our band is complete again..."
J. Stas***¹   ID-xx3612
"...Fantastic offering!..."
G. Arm****¹   ID-xx9164
"...I'm happy to be here...."
M. Buch***¹   ID-xx2360
"...Good thing I found you!!!..."
P. Groß***¹   ID-xx7372
"...A link to what in my opinion is a very useful portal for musicians who want to find other musicians (and more!): Musicians in your city. It's not just musicians or bands you can find here; I also think the advertising (perhaps perceived by some as a ?nuisance?) is really useful (!!) - especially when it comes to sales and marketing...."
T. Pola***¹   ID-xx5499
"...A very large and highly recommended online portal for finding musicians - and for being found..."
B. Pont***¹   ID-xx6271
"...I will start by saying that I'm a (satisfied) customer of this website for a long time..."
J. Mett***¹   ID-xx6450
"...Thank you for the fantastically varied offering..."
H. Saue***¹   ID-xx8231
"...thank thank you so much for this really great site. It helps more than UNICEF......"
S. Grie***¹   ID-xx4864